Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finished (for now)

Today was Machinimafest where my film got high praise. Unfortunately two other films got higher praises so they  got 1st and 2nd overall. The experience was awesome and making Ze Deutschbag was fun (even when Adobe and Quicktime were stuck in high school rivalries). I also finished writing the final report for Cakedream which concludes all responsibilities for this semester. It may take a while before I post again since I intend to enjoy my summer. I will be taking two summer courses (Physics and a Linear Algebra & Differential Equations hybrid course). Those won't require blog posts; however, the principles learned from them definitely do translate to game development and if I do decide to make a small game during the Summer to apply those skills, I will post about the development process. I am thinking of making a planetary gravity game (sort of like Gravitee Wars). If that doesn't take off, then I will be posting again this fall when I take my Game Dev I course in which I will use unity to make a game. That's all for now, stay patient as I get another game off the ground either this Summer or Fall.