Sunday, February 8, 2015

Redoing a Volcano

Part of my last sprint was focused on redesigning and polishing the Turtle Boss while completing the full gameplay of the Shorca boss. I was assigned to the Turtle boss and part of my responsibility was to rework the volcano. The old volcano worked when a charge hit the base of the volcano and ignite an eruption which was just a red rectangle that would go up and then descend. The volcano was also a volcano and cannon in one in which it could either erupt or shoot out fireballs. We decided to split the two into their own in which a volcano could only either erupt or shoot fireballs. Since my responsibility was redoing the volcano, this gave me a chance to recreate the volcano from scratch to get a better feel. Many of the behaviors of the volcano needed to chance such as the fact that there was no warning that a volcano would erupt or that if a charge hit a volcano while it was in the middle of an eruption, a new volcano would be generate and rise as the old one fell.

I also received some new art which allowed me to do more with the design. I created a new volcano spout (the lava that spews) that had three states: rising, neutral, and falling. It was beneficial to do this way since when a charge hit the volcano if it was in any of these states, it would add time onto the spout and send it back to the neutral state in which it would remain up until the time elapsed again. Another factor that made the volcano looked better was the addition of a particle effect that would spew from the base making it look like fire is erupting. Also when a charge hits the volcano base, the volcano would shake side to side using sin.

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