Sunday, February 8, 2015

Updated Turtle Movement

When analyzing the turtle, its movement is kinda boring. First off, it will always look to the right in which ever direction it goes and it will always move in a random direction. I had to update the movement of the turtle to provide some interesting behavior. For now, two new behaviors were introduced. When the turtle hangs around a corner for too long, it should return to the center. Determining that the turtle is in the center is easy enough. Having the turtle keep reference to each position for each corner and if the turtle is close enough, it will return to center. It won't go towards the direct center, It will pick a position at a random distance around the origin and go in that direction.

When the turtle health get low, it will forcefully go towards a volcano for protection. When a turtle goes towards a center will always be probabilistic in which the lower the turtle's health, the higher chance it will go towards a volcano. The probability is calculated as 1 - (curHealth / totalHealth) and if a random number from 0 to 1 is below the probability, it will go towards the closest volcano; otherwise, it go in a random direction. These three behaviors of either going towards the center, the corner, or a random direction allows for more interesting movement from the turtle.

Another behavior that I modifies is which volcano the turtle will send a charge towards. Before the change, it will always send the charge at a random volcano. This gave the chance that the same volcano will always be bombarded by charges and have the same volcano always be active. The new behavior wanted a weighted probability to favor the farthest volcano with decreasing probability favoring each subsequent volcano closer to the turtle. This randomness allowed for the same volcano to not be bombarded all the time, but if one does, then it will be the one that is farthest away and won't kill the player in one stroke.

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